• Vote NO to Pro Rep

    November, 2018

    What do you think of Proportional Representation?

  • Chinese community leaders say NO to Pro Rep

    November, 2018

    Chinese community leaders say NO to Pro Rep

  • B.C.'s pro-rep opponents seek voting extension

    November, 2018

    In today’s Vancouver Sun: our co-founder, Bill Tieleman says the current abysmal ballot return rate should trigger a voting deadline extension.

  • Suzanne Anton breaks down Pro Rep with host CJ Sidhu at Sanjha TV

    November, 2018

    Co-founder of our society, Suzanne Anton breaks down Proportional Representation with host CJ Sidhu at Sanjha TV:

  • Editorial: B.C. voters should reject proportional representation

    November, 2018

    The Times Colonist has taken an unusual stand: advocating for a REJECTION of Proportional Representation.

  • BC No PR calls on Elections BC to extend referendum voting deadline

    November, 2018

    No BC Pro Rep Society calls for extension of voting period in BC electoral systems referendum, citing low turnout of 7.4% and ongoing postal dispute

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  • No Backroom Deals

    In a real democracy, voters decide on policy. With Proportional Representation, it’s done behind closed doors. Dirty side deals forcing dangerous ideologies onto the government agenda will be the new norm. That’s why I’m voting NO to Proportional Representation this fall.

  • No to Extremists

    Far-right extremists calling the shots in the BC Legislature? No thanks. That’s not my British Columbia – and with Proportional Representation, that will be the new normal. I’m voting NO to fringe parties causing chaos and holding the balance of power this fall.

  • No to less rural representation

    Local issues deserve local voices. With Proportional Representation, bigger ridings will diminish your access to your MLA. And what’s worse is that we won’t even know by how much -- the BC Government is refusing to provide maps. I’m voting NO to Proportional Representation.

  • No to the Lower Mainland slant

    Under Proportional Representation, the Lower Mainland will dictate the government’s agenda, leaving the rest of the province begging for scraps. Rural BC deserves a voice in the legislature. I’m voting NO to Proportional Representation this fall.

  • No to MLAs awarded by parties

    What’s the point in voting if YOU don’t get to decide your representation? Under Proportional Representation, political parties will decide your MLA – not you. That’s not democracy. I’m voting NO to Proportional Representation this fall.

  • No to confusing systems

    Utterly unfair: under Proportional Representation, your MLA is chosen by a confusing algorithm, meaning your vote gets lost along the way. Life is complicated enough. Voting shouldn’t have to be. That’s why I’m voting NO to Proportional Representation this fall.


  • Why the 3 PR choices on the referendum ballot are so risky

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018

    What do the three Proportional Representation systems look like?

 I get asked this most days. The answer is, it’s impossible to know.

  • Proportional Representation and the Rise of Extremism

    Wednesday, September 26, 2018

    At No BC Pro Rep Society, we believe that extremist parties have no place in our legislature. Keep our system stable, simple and successful.

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